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Are you follicly challenged or unhappy with the way your hair looks? There is really no need to have thin, baling or short hair. Hair extensions have become so popular because now anyone can have thicker, longer hair applied by a specialist and change their look in a day. James Tse at Sets on Corydon has seen a huge increase in hair extension application and says "It's not just something that Hollywood actresses regularly do...Anyone can add length and/or volume, which is perfect for fine, limp, or thinning hair.

If your existing hair is as little as 3 inches long, you can get extensions, although the extent of your transformation may be limited if your hair is very short. Extensions can be braided in, glued in, woven in, or -- if you only need a follicular boost for a special event -- clipped in. You can also add highlights or colour -- with shades ranging from mild to wild -- to your hair with the use of extensions.

You will also need to make an investment of time, usually a few hours, for the initial setup and then maintenance every six to eight weeks. Make sure you understand how they will be removed to cause the lease amount of damage to your hair.

There are a few methods in hair extension technology that have gained in popularity in recent years - hot fusion and micro links, which can add length and thickness to your hair. They are both strand by strand applications which gives a very natural look to the eye and are easy to style.

Extensions are defined as follows:

Hot Fusion - Normally using a 0.5g hair per strand, the fusion part is usually made from a keratin tip, and uses a heat connector to melt the keratin tip and roll it with your own hair for bonding. Normally it takes about 200 strands of hair to do a full head and this can last at least three months or more.

Using high quality hair is very important. Remy hair is usually desirable for hair extensions, because the hair has been specially treated, and is very soft and easy to care for while being tangle free.

There have been some negative reports against the hot fusing method due to the damage that it can cause to your hair. This is not true. Basically, the hot fusing method will not cause any damage to the hair in any way what so ever. The only method associated with damaging hair in the hot fusion method is in the removal process, and this is because the bond is removed with a non-compatible solvent or bond remover.

"At Sets on Corydon, we have found a very compatible solvent designed to dissolve the keratin tip in just 3 seconds. It literally causes no stress to your own hair at all," says Tse.

Micro Link - A strand by strand application which differs from the hot fusion bonding method by using a micro cylinder tube and a pre-bonded stick of hair to attach to your own hair and fastened with a special pair of pliers. It also takes about 200 strands of pre-bonded stick hair to create a full head of beautiful hair in a head turning, sexy style. It will also last 3 months or more with proper care, and when it is time to take it out, removing them is an easy task. It causes no stress to your own hair. After the pre-bonded hair is removed, it is reusable, although some treatment of the hair stick is advisable.

Remy Hair is not always virgin hair, once virgin hair has been coloured or chemically processed in any way short of removing the cuticles, it is referred to as Remy. Remy hair can be categorized in the premium segment, as far as hair quality is concerned. Remy hair has its cuticle intact and running in the same direction, or "unidirectional cuticle", to prevent tangling. The cuticles protect the hair from damage and gives the hair its natural look.

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